PowerUP EXPO 2021

PowerUP Expo is a three-day virtual conference and exhibition focusing on power. It works in the same way as a live exhibition and conference does: it has fair grounds, an exhibition hall, and a conference area. During the technical conference, we will have several topic-specific sessions of keynotes, panel discusssions, technical presentations and tutorials covering major technical trends, market requirements, new applications areas, etc. Parallel to the Conference there will be an Exhibition, featuring virtual booths from leading power electronics companies. A Live Chat tool enables visitors to directly contact the booth personnel.

Dates & Times

Conference Agenda 

Focus topics of the conference are:

A greener future has become one of the most important concerns in recent years. As the amount of people living on our planet increases, the need for a new approach on energy is pushing towards more sustainable perspectives. Power electronics is playing an increasingly important role in various markets such as automotive, industrial, and consumer. It is an enabling technology for a wide range of new functions that enhance vehicle and smart grid performance, safety and functionality.  Power devices will improve system performance in energy-saving applications, as well as in all high-voltage industrial applications.

GaN and SiC technologies may provide a path to efficient power supply, motor control across industrial environments, while also complementing the expansion of the renewable energy segment. For several years, the growing need for power quality in distribution systems, together with the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources, has increased the demand for new technologies driven by the advent of new devices. Energy Storage life and power consumption are two important topics in several markets. Estimating them at the beginning of a design process can be quite challenging. Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, smart and renewable energies, and motion control will be significant topics covered by the PowerUP Virtual Conference.

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