PowerUP Expo 2022

the next step in the
evolution of power

virtual conference & exhibition JUNE 28-30, 2022

PowerUP EXPO 2022

Power electronics involves a whole range of critical applications, from electrification to smart grids. It is a fundamental pillar for the entire industry to meet climate change demands and it involves increasing energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint through new materials, and adopting new circuit topologies.

This year’s PowerUP virtual conference and exhibition will focus on the following topics:

The PowerUP Expo 2022 takes place from June 28-30. It works in the same way as a live exhibition and conference with fair grounds, an exhibition hall, and a conference area. The technical conference will feature several topic-specific sessions of keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations, and tutorials about major technical trends, market requirements, and new application areas. In addition to the conference there will be an exhibition hall, featuring virtual booths from leading power electronics companies, as well as a chat tool enabling visitors to directly connect with each other, with the hosts, and with the exhibiting companies.